Modern men's indispensable active sports collection offers the opportunity to combine models prepared with 100% natural fabrics as you wish. The collection is both provides mobility with its right patterns and occurs to comfortable models for moving moments...
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A More Active Summer

With its new sports collection, Smile has been prepared for men of taste to be able to wear it with pleasure whether they are doing sports or spending time with their loved ones on weekends. This collection, which is made of natural fibers and allows you to move comfortably in all conditions with its special patterns, can be indispensable this summer.

Active Sportswear as a Trend

Active sportswear, which was limited to only tracksuits until a few years ago, is now becoming the most trendy piece of today's fashion. With the development of pattern technology, both the use of fit but comfortable patterns that will reflect your style by getting rid of bulky patterns and the trends that have begun to move from smart casual to casual have made active sportswear the new "black" of fashion. It is no longer surprising to see stylish professionals and business people with sweatpants worn under their shirts.

Fit but Comfortable Patterns

In the Smile 2021 spring summer active sports collection, fit patterns were used in shorts and sweat pants, more commonly known as tracksuit bottoms. The legs were not kept wide due to these fit patterns. Two types of trousers with and without rubber were used. In addition to side pocket cuts, sweatpants with zippered pockets and waterproof zippers were also used. The longitudinal dart stitches on the sweat trousers that you can wear with your smart-casual combinations will attract attention with their elegant look.

Mix and Match

In the upper groups, cool-touch and light sweatshirts and t-shirts made of thin interlock fabrics can be combined with active sports pieces in the collection as well as with Bermuda, cargo shorts, or trousers of your choice.

Smile active sports collection is presented to you in the concept of “Mix and Match”. In other words, we do not oblige you to buy the upper and lower sets together, we offer the pleasure of combining them according to your taste. At this stage, if you wish, you can get help from our expert colleagues in our stores or you can benefit from the combination suggestions offered on our website. Smile active sports products will be indispensable for your wardrobe and daily wear with their comfort and elegance.

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