The Smile shirt collection is designed for comfort and elegance with fabrics produced from the highest quality linen and cotton fibers and with top-notch workmanship.
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Total of 35 products are displayed.
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Shirts have an indispensable place in the integrity of the Smile collection. Shirts made of linen and cotton fabric stand out in the weight of the 2021 Spring Summer collection. Pastel colors, which you can combine with almost all Bermuda and trousers in the collection, reflect the subtleties of Smile in design. You can crown your elegance with thin summer knitwear that you can throw on colorful linen shirts. Linen shirts produced with comfortable patterns both keep you cool and complete your sporty look. The designs that bring simplicity to the fore also stay away from monotony with their colors and details. The Smile shirt collection achieves a meticulous balance, elegance and simplicity. Subtleties in Fabric Selection Linen, a fabric that develops and becomes more beautiful as it is used and washed, is unique with its strong structure and spaciousness. Thanks to weaving techniques, breathable, thin and light fabrics are produced, linen is indispensable for men's summer wardrobe. The cotton fabrics used in the collection are also thin and light, providing wearing comfort. Stylish Shirts for Every Day, Every Occasion Smile shirt collection includes buttoned collar and unbuttoned collar products. Buttoned collar models, which are used as a complement in sports combinations, are preferred over trousers and with the sleeves rolled up, providing a comfortable and spacious elegance. Buttonless collar striped models are preferred both for weekend wear and for daily work wear.

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